Maldives Wedding Date

Many dreamt of visiting the beautiful Maldives; where the lagoon sparkles in a teal blue shade and the beach a sandy white. Said to be o...

Many dreamt of visiting the beautiful Maldives; where the lagoon sparkles in a teal blue shade and the beach a sandy white. Said to be one of the prettiest place on Earth, it is not surprising why it is a popular spot for weddings that is just a 4 hours flight away from Singapore. I attended Pris's lovely, private wedding on Centara Island Resort and it was truly a beautiful moment that would be etched in my memory.

I definitely had fun piecing up the whole wedding, from brainstorming and creating props to executing the actual event and watch it all unfold in front of me. Confetti holders were made from plastic leaves folded and glued into a cone shape – to be hang on the chairs. M was in charge of all things calligraphy since he was the only one among us who possess a good skill for modern calligraphy, so he created the wedding sign board & wedding place cards.

One of the down sides about Maldives wedding that I've learnt is the communication barrier; not in terms of language but of the time line. Emails takes slightly longer than average to be answered, and you cannot just visit Maldives to have a discussion with your event planner. Thus, you really have to put all your faith in them and believe that they make your dream come true as plan. For that, I salute my dear sister for all the pre-wedding stress she has to deal with. However, it was all worthwhile.

The wedding was perfect.

The wedding dinner was everything a girl would ever dream for - candlelight fine dining by the beach with lit up path and romantic melodies playing in the background. Not to mention delicious food! With a total number of only 20 diners, we had the whole beach to ourselves; a cozy and lovely dinner with the wedding couple.

The best thing that happened, apart from watching one of my closest sister get hitched was getting surprised by M's attendance for this trip. He apparently went into secret planning with my families and surprised me at the airport by checking in along with us, when I thought he was just there to send me off. I was totally caught off guard because I knew he had to attend some work over that vacation weekend and there's no way he could come along; I was all ready to enjoy that romantic island by myself ha-ha! 

Well, if you're reading this M (which I know you definitely are). Thanks love. 

Thank you for helping with creating the name cards and wedding sign board, for treating my family like yours, for loving my family like yours, for always giving me your very best, for always being there. Thank you.

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