Zombie Blondes

by - October 03, 2008

Zombies. Doesn't the word alone gives you creep already?

Hannah Sanders have been moving between towns to towns with her father ever since her dad lost his job and coundn't handle the rental fees.

Ever since then, they have been on the run to escape rental payments. Once again, they moved because the creditors found them and this time, the little town they decide to stay put holds mystery and secrets they never knew. Everyone in school was as perfect as barbie, Hannah wanted badly to fit in but something about the flawless cheerleaders leave puzzles in her mind.

Lukas, the only friend she met on the first day tried to warn her about the cliques, the cheerleaders and the jocks that they were all the undead. Of course no one believe such nonsenses.

Hannah was over the moon when she did a try out for cheer leading team and got in, she turned popular and wasn't the girl who got bullied on the first day anymore. But she did not realise the price she was going to pay soon.

To be pretty and look like the clone barbies, you have to be undead. They will rip you inside out, feed on your flesh and drink your blood to keep them pretty.

Lukas warned her.

Okay, I shall not continue anymore. I guess that's enough summary to keep your heart itching to get hold of this book :)

Zombie Blondes.

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