Blood donations / Movie Mania

by - February 22, 2009


Yeap. Blood donation.

Did it for the 2nd time but was at SGH instead of campus :D Plan was to go along with Nic, but we were pretty earlier so we proceed first.

As usual, blood test, height and weight, particulars filling. Only difference is.. Bf!

1st time donor LOL. He was given the privilege to stick on the "First Time Donor" sticker, but of course he die die also won't stick one. Tsk tsk!

I really must say something.

The staff in SGH are more cheerful compared to those who volunteer at campus. Seriously.

After the refreshments, took cabby down to the Cathy for movies!


"He's just not that into you"

Every women and men should watch it, definitely. Then you will know the difference between Mars and Venus.

Everything you need to know about a guy's mentality and the firm's true about one thing.

Girls seriously cheat themselves sometimes. Reality is cold and hard.


Was suppose to take the flyer, somehow something was amiss so went to Marina instead :/

Chill at Starbucks, did my revisions while Bf stoned and slack along :) After revisions, caught the "Pink Panther 2" show.

Haha Haha!

Very very hilarious! Even the french accent is cute can! Dumbass detective, silly and funny. Destroying everything he come in touch with LOL. Specially the scene when he pick out a bottle of wine, and that one whereby the 2 Karateh kids!

Very lucky, there wasn't any pop corns in my hand :D

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