A Beautiful Stroll / Diaso & Accessories Loots

Once again, it is Saturday. Of course, it’s the most joyous day of the week and I am definitely thrilled about it. But here I a...

Once again, it is Saturday.

Of course, it’s the most joyous day of the week and I am definitely thrilled about it. But here I am secretly pouting on the fact that it passes just as fast as it arrives. Once you pass the 20s, time really is scarce.

Alright, enough of the rants, I would not want to bore you people with my inner thoughts (it’s a scary world in there).

First stop of the day – Reebonz clearance sales event located at Clifford Centre. Did some shopping, had a bowl of prawn noodles (recommended by J) at the same building before heading over to The Cathy for “Premium Rush”. Instead of taking the train, I suggested to walk over to Esplanade Circle Line since we just ate. There is absolutely nothing better than a stroll after a hearty meal :)

And there's these beautiful parts of Singapore that I will never turn my camera away from.

Thank God for the wonderful breezy weather. Breathtaking scenery always seems to make time halt, freezing  the hectic lifestyle and prompting you to clear the thoughts inside. 

"Let's hold on till forever"

This was not a planned shot, I was totally clueless that I left my camera on while walking. What a pleasant surprise shot :) Bumped into a popsicle store; Frostbite. Bought the Mixed Berry flavoured one and sat down to enjoy! 

I'm that Red Lady

The popsicle was melting faster than I thought! From my messed up hair, semi flying maxi skirt and half opened eyes, I am sure you can judge how strong the wind was haha! Even the boy agrees that "acting as a tourist" really brings up the happy meter, looking at Singapore from a different view.

Reaching Esplanade, we chanced upon the traditional mobile ice-cream stall and we had another dose of ice cream! How crazy is that? :D

Caught that board just above the ice-cream menu? The uncle accepts RMB (chinese yuan currency) Haha! It must be a regular stall patronized by weekly China tourist visiting the Merlion.

Dinner with the in laws before calling it a day!

After the cruise event yesterday, we had dinner at Vivo and once again we were sucked into the Diaso Store.

Liyun have this pair of huge eyes which I always wish my future kids will have. #lol

Bought Soba & food bag! I've always loved the process of cooking Soba. From cooking the noodles to draining and chilling them before serving. Enjoyment.

Poly mates will know my habit of packing breads to school. I usually get the normal food bag until I saw the Hello Kitty one that day. Hello Kitty is national icon, loved by many around the world. So its not surprising to see the amount of HK products available in Diaso. I wished they had Rilakkuma ones too :( 

Till then, the adorable kitty will do :)

Sales! SIX located at Vivo City is having a closing down sales. All accessories are going are $5 and below! Got the belly stud at just $1 and the neon necklace at $2. It's a steal! Make a trip down if you're looking at discounted rings, ear rings/studs, scarf, sunnies, hair accessories and much more! :)

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