McDonald Ebi-Kase Experience

by - September 03, 2015

If you are a huge fan of McDonald, you are in for a treat! From 3rd September onwards, McDonald will be launching the brand new Cereal Ebi burger , and I was fortunate to be the first few people who got to try this yummy shrimp patter burger before the launch.

Coated with cereal, the shrimp-filled patty was both crunchy and juicy! Just by looking at the soft white sesame and chive buns, I was already drooling away. The shrimp paste flavored sauce used in the burger is a slightly spicy but sweet. The entire combination of juicy, crunchy, sweet and spicy touch had me munching away satisfied and happy! Beside McSpicy, this is going to be my next favourite item in McDonald.

You can complete yout Ebi-Kase experience by going for the Cereal Ebi Special ($7.45) that comes with a single Cerel Ebi burger, a cup of Coca-Cola (S) and their new Sweet Potato Fries (M). Unlike most of the sweet potato fries I’ve eaten in my life, McDonald’s sweet potato fries does not come in thick cut and thus it doesn’t feel too starchy. What I really love about this fries is the crispy coating that enhances the entire tasting experience.

And if you have a sweet tooth and dessert stomach, the new Honeydew McFlurry ($2.90) is bound to end your meal with on a sweeter note. The scent of the honeydew is so strong; it makes you want to dig into that cup of ice cream immediately. Overall, the ice cream is a tad too sweet for me but the crunchy cereal bites they topped the ice cream with, are truly yummy and enjoyable!

You may also choose to swap your fries for a corn cup at no extra charge, or top up $1.20 to swap to a Garden Side Salad. The Garden Side Salad features whole leaf lettuce, red and white cabbage, crunchy carrots, corn kernels and tomatoes, served with a delicious Japanese dressing. An equally yummy but healthier snack!

All the new items will be available from 3rd September onwards, but for a limited time only! So grab a bite before its gone!

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